Wednesday, September 22, 2004

How to spend my $50??

I tried out an $81.50 11-session 1-hour HipHop class at Kits Community Centre. I also tried a $48 6-session 1½-hour class at Bonsor Rec Centre on September 27, Monday but I decided to go with the one at Kits. Although the Bonsor one was conducted by Bailey Dance Co, the first half-hour was just stretching whereas the class at Kits was getting straight to the real stuff. So basically it would be $48 for 6 hours versus $82 for 11 hours. And besides, Kimberley was more upbeat and springy than the other one. The one at Bonsor looked like she still had ballet in her mind - a lot more soft and graceful, not really what I want for a hiphop class. The only thing was that I was the only guy at the Kits class whereas the other class had about 40% guys including a couple of HongKong boys. I didn't expect that kind of people to be in these kinds of settings to take hiphop. There was this East Indian guy (about 30-something) who looked like he's doing cultural traditional East Indian dance when he danced along with the class. Anyway that was how I chose to spend the $50 credit (ie: Choices) that the company offers as part of their Employee Benefits program. As for me being the only guy in the class, I just hope the others don't mind me. I just want to take some hiphop; I'm not there for fitness and I'm certainly not there for any other purpose if you know what I mean! In the coming January, I want to take the $99 breakdancing class at Vancity Dance which Kim told me about when I told her after the first class that my first choice was actually breakdancing. I just want to be able to look back ten twenty years from now and be glad that I did dancing that I would no longer be physically capable of doing. I may not attempt any headspins or even just a flip or aerial somersault but perhaps I would be satisfied just to be able to do a whirlwind. I don't desire to spend time in a wheelchair or anything.


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