Friday, September 03, 2004

Seattle 1/4

- left home
- pick up Aunt Marie
- headed down south
- got to Seattle around noontime
- checked in
- proceeded to rooms (#504)
- toured the hotel
- walked around the streets and going to places included Pike Place Market and Niketown
- afternoon tea at Shuckers
- rest in the room
- meet up with the other relatives
- drove around trying to find the chinese restaurant "Noble Court" in Bellevue.
- haven't seen OC since 1990. Met P for the first time.
- chilled at the lounge (Bill orders me a Long Island, then Brian orders me a Jack Daniel w/ Coke, Vanilla Stole w/ Coke, Lemon Chardonay, Crown Royale)
- every 5 minutes, he would ask me if I was ok....... so funny....


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