Friday, October 01, 2004

No brain or social pressure for this event!

I went to a "Noah Fellowship" which was for adults from the Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church. I have a coworker who goes there and earlier on in June she showed me some topics that they talk about in the upcoming gatherings and one of them was on different denominations. But it was postponed because the speaker had to go to a wedding or something. Her name is Dr. Joyce Chan from Carey Baptist Theological College at the VST in UBC. The talk was mostly focusing on a historical account of how the various Protestant denominations came to exist. She was quite fair and I was glad. The information was, of course, quite general given the time limits and the audience but it matched up quite well to what little I still remember from my own readings that I used to do back in Victoria. As I suspected, many of the people in the fellowship didn't seem to know much about the history. I hope they can gain a better understanding of their own religious beliefs from the perspective of history because I think it's important for not only a better appreciation of Christianity but it may also help prevent some misconceptions of Catholicism. Not surprisingly, however, there was a stir and murmur around the room as people nodded when the speaker mentioned the abuse of indulgences that prompted Luther to nail his thing on the door. I mentally shook my head as I thought how people can be familiar with these historical facts but miss out on so many other important historical occurances.


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