Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Last Minute Training for the SunRun

The plan was to get off work right at 4, go home, change, and be leaving the house at 5. But I ended up leaving at almost 6. I was going to walk up Burnaby Mountain to SFU, jog 18 laps at the Track, and then walk back down. But since I started out late, I jogged up. That was 27 minutes (without weighed-down backpack or anything). The shoelace on my right-shoe went undone, so I took the opportunity to rest and just walk one lap. Then I jogged 17 laps. That was almost 40 minutes. Then walked down the Mountain again. It's about 2.8km I think. Or was it 3.2? Damn, it got cold pretty fast when I started walking. Soon I started light jogging down and continued steadily all the way to the bottom. I did this in the middle of the road. Hey, I felt safer that way. You never know if some crazy person or wild animal might jump out at me! I give thanks that I was ok!
But, man, my energy was drained. I was hungry and cold. I spent almost twice as long in the shower as I usually do. It was well past 9 o'clock so I restrained a little bit on eating as much as I would normally have eaten given the same level of hunger :-P


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