Monday, January 03, 2005

Ski & Snowboard [3/3]

The alarm went off at 6:24 which I set. Yesterday it didn't go off because it was one of those old radio-alarms that display the PM light at the top (making it look like it was AM) while the bottom light was for the Alarm-On mode. Went to Tim Horton's by myself and got a 2-pack Peppermint Tea for $1.50 plus, as always, hot water. Then 7:45 leave the hotel and go directly to BigWhite, getting there at 8:40. Our 2-hour snowboard lesson was conducted by a "John" from Maple Ridge. And then practice without any pause for lunch. I fell so many times almost twisting my neck at one time and certainly shaken up my central nerves up there when I fell on my butt. I also slid downhill in various ways but I was actually able to turn instead of just zig-zagging. And then with only about 45 minutes or so before we need to return the equipment and get on the bus, I wanted to quit already as I was already tired out from lack of sleep, lack of breakfast and all that wiping out. JT was eager to get more practice of snowboarding knowing that he won't have as much opportunity as I, so we went to the slope where we took lessons and just practiced. He went to the snowboarding slope while I just went to the skiing slope which was flatter (not the one with the puller). And then I got a soup&sandwich from the Village for I think $6.25? Ate it on the bus when we left at about 14:39. At 17:39, the bus stopped somewhere along the highway for washrooms. I didn't get off, preferring to hold it (hours already!) because I wanted to watch the movies. We saw (in sequence) Medallion, Lara Croft - Cradle of Life, and XMen2 all of which I've seen before. Got back to that same Coquitlam Centre parking lot at about 8pm. TL's cousin came by to pick us up and we went back to TL's place for a short while. Then got into JT's car and had dinner at the former Carefree Restaurant (forgot the current english name) on St. John street in Port Moody.


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