Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ski & Snowboard [1/3]

8AM @ Tony's house. We didn't actually leave until probably about 8:20. His mom drove us to the parking lot in front of T&T at Coquitlam Centre where the bus will pick us up. We waited for a while and finally left at 9AM after people visited the washrooms. The bus was full-size with washroom but they taped up a piece of paper encouraging people to use washrooms elsewhere. We were the last ones to be picked up. Everybody including the driver was chinese; some spoke cantonese and some spoke mandarin. The driver was Aaron and the tourguide was Nickel. The driver always seems so laidback. He probably makes pretty good money while he gets to drive around for hours and see all sorts of things. There were movies being played on the bus as well. Going there we saw Finding Nemo and Tarzan. A part of Sinbad was also played until we arrived.

12PM @ Merritt where my friends and I elected to go to A&W @ Nicola & Vogh. Left at 1pm.

Approximately 14:55 got to Summerhill Pyramid Winery where we took pix and got to sample red, white and ice wines. Then we left at 15:25 and stopped at FarWest store at 15:43 but apparently they close at 3 instead of 4. So we moved on and got to the hotel at 15:48. My friends and I walked around the hotel and then played Big2. We were quite bored. And then dinner at Milestone's across the street. I had pizza. Watched Pearl Harbor and Behind Enemy Lines on tv and I slept at midnight. The hotel's movies either didn't appeal to us or we've already seen them.


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