Friday, April 15, 2005

First Time (officially)

Judy's leaving for another branch (we will miss her) so we all went to RiverRock Casino for a buffet dinner before trying our luck at the slots or tables. We each only had to pay $16 total instead of I believe it was $25 for Friday nights. The food wasn't bad for $25 especially the dessert so $16 was quite an awesome deal. Plus I got myself a shot of Jack Daniel with coke to down the meat with.

Being that I've never actually played in casinos (I've only been to those places twice), my $22 in net winnings this evening perpetuates the "beginner's luck" myth. I only played the slots. I had a $5 coupon (buy $10 for $5). Lost that plus $10 quickly on the multiple-line slot and then won it all back on the single-line.

Eventually I'd like to play at the tables. Not to gamble but to experience. But for now, I will have to figure out how to improve my memory of game rules and how to spin those wheels up there faster.


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