Saturday, September 24, 2005

2005 Alberta Trip [2/4]

Sept 24, 2005 Saturday 08:15AM ==> Greyhound station @ Calgary

It's pretty chilly... I would say it was about 2 degrees Celsius that morning.

Made my way to the 10th St CTrain station. Some dude on the Greyhound gave me one of his tickets. I believe he got off at Fort MacLeod. Took the CTrain all the way to Whitehorn Station. Took the #57 to the Airport Terminal.

Sept 24, 2005 Saturday 11:00AM ==> rented a Ford Focus ZX4

The street names totally confused the heck out of me. For example, 5th St NW and 5th St SW is the same street but there is also a 5th St NE/SE. Center Street divides them into East and West. And then there is, for example, 5th Av NW/NE which is different from 5th Av SW/SE and Kensington divides those between North and South. With poor navigation/direction skills that I already possess and poor short term memory (just ask anybody who's been in my car!), a lot of time was wasted trying to figure out where I am and where I'm going. But it was fun nonetheless because I got to get a good feel for the city. I actually missed it when I left!!

Sept 24, 2005 Saturday 11:00PM ==> checked out the University of Calgary.

The SUB was kind of like a mall with a food court. It also had a statue of the "Freedom Goddess" in memory of June 04, 1989 (ie: Tiananmen Square). UBC, and I'm sure many other universities around the world also have this statue.

Sept 24, 2005 Saturday 15:00PM ==> that Travelodge finally had its rooms ready for me :-S

Sept 24, 2005 Saturday 17:00PM ==> Canada Olympic Park

At about 8-9pm, there wasn't much life on that east section of 17th Ave SW where there were a number of clubs and pubs. Downtown had some people hanging around and I guess for a city this size, night life volume like this was okay. 8th Avenue had some people, especially near the TD Square where there were a bunch of higher end cars parked outside Earl's Grill (or was it Metropolitan Grill?). Upon returning to my car that was parked on 17th Av SW & 8th St SW, there were actually line-ups outside some of those clubs and lounges.


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