Sunday, April 17, 2005

SunRun #03

44min/49sec was my official time at the 21st SunRun. My bib number was 2588 and I came in 1434th place. It was better than I expected before doing the race considering that I spent less time training than last year. But then again, I focused more on improving my breathing ability by running uphill more so doing those small and much flatter uphills of the race route were a breeze compared to how I felt last year. Plus I actually did the treadmills on Wednesday and Friday when I decided not to do it outside! (before, I didn't like doing the treadmill becuz I felt so bored after 20 minutes. But then in 2003 when I first started training, I didn't do any long running sessions so 20 minutes on the treadmill seemed too long)

Last year, I only ran one more time (10km, from my house to Brentwood Mal) after the SunRun and that was a week later. After that, the next time I ran more than 2.5km was ten months later in February when I jogged 8km with a friend who was practicing for the SunRun. Like previously before practicing for the SunRun last year, my knees started to hurt after 4km. Only this time I actually continued running and made 8km!

Now we shall see if I will be able to run once a week at least on a treadmill with once a month being a full 10km run either doing my normal route (ie: up Burnaby Mtn, then 18laps around the track) or..... how about trying a 50minute uphill jog in North Van? I mean, the jog up Burnaby Mountain from bottom to top is only 25 mins.

Or I guess instead of just running, I could also do leg exercises at the gym as well as do some swimming during the summer. Cuz eventually I would like to do a marathon. And I also want to do 10km-events in other places in the world. That'll be awesome!


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