Friday, April 06, 2007

Northern Leg King...

... is back in action! He has decided to return to SYL Wushu Institute after 6 years of soul-searching in martial arts.

So did I do anything else during this time?
Well.... 3 weeks of shotokan karate (it was a free trial version offered at Fitness World. Actually, it wasn't totally free because the sensei required us to get a uniform. So it was like $30 or something.

A buddy of mine taught me some basic katana.

And since I was 12, my parents have been doing Yang-style taichi (85-form) and I used to be able to do the whole thing. It was taught unprofessionally and was more like a social club for upper-age people.

My dad's friend taught me some wingchun. Wingchun has 3 forms (not including weapons & the sparring stand) and I'm only about 1/3 into the 3rd form. Definitely wingchun is a unique martial art. Very interesting.
The man who taught me was one of the earlier students of Yip Man when members of the "Restaurant Workers Association" started learning.

And finally 3 months of Capoeira offered at BCIT. It was fun. But not enough acrobatics as I had hoped. I'm still not able to do backflips.
However, I am hoping that my teacher's brother will start a Capoeira acrobatics class in June or July as he had stated.

Maybe that will keep my agility up and give a good grounding for future advanced wushu moves and forms at at SYL.


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