Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Went window shopping at Pacific Centre. Got off class early and was able to walk around and look at stuff. Puma has this new pair of shoes called "Super Structure" and it looks pretty nice. It seems that after Nike introduced its Shox, many brands followed with similar stuff. And then there's this pair of Ferrari shoes by Puma also and it just looks cheesy. And Nike's Air Flights way back in the 16 years ago or something. And the Jordans back then. They're back. But only the midtop styles, no more hightops anymore I guess. Only Adidas Stansmiths (although I think it's only called "Classic" now) are still around all the time. They used to be $30 but are now like $60. Or even $70 in some stores. Converse's Chuck Taylors are still around but I think there was a time when they did not exist on the store shelves.
Then I went to Harry Rosen to look for jeans. At first I was at Banana Republic where I eventually bought a pair of brown pants on sale for $45. Pretty low price for a BP pant but it looks okay and fits good, so. But they are not wrinkle-resistant. Still, $45 is not too bad. I wanted to get a pair of black-colored (or blackish) jeans cuz my other pairs are all blue and I saw a pair at BP but decided the color didn't really suit my tastes that well. There's too much fading in front; I wanted something smoother. I saw it at Harry Rosen but the price was like $230 or something. Damn, do I ever have good taste! But it's too much for a pair of jeans at this moment in my life. And then there were these Prada zipper-front tops for like $600 or something. And it was just hanging there on the rack like it was reduced-price item like the type you would find at Wynners.
Which reminds me of the time I went down to Seattle and checked out Nordstrom where they sell higher-end stuff. Yeh, so high end that its $3000 (yes, three thousand) purses were just hanging there and even on the floor like it was cheap stuff. Wow.....


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