Monday, August 21, 2006

top of the line??

My friend's friend sold me their 2000 Civic Si-G saying that it was the top-of-the-line. Now I don't know much about cars but it turns out that the Si-R is the top. Thus one has to be careful with semantics before you spend your money.

Anyway, this car is still not bad. Price-wise? A reduction of at least half a grand would've been better. Anyway, that's something of the past.

So what now in the future? Pay off my credit line, and........

Get me a new Alpine Premier deck!
And some nice speakers too! Custom installed??! Not the $50 Clarions that I got on sale at A&B Sound for my Prelude back then.
And an amp (or 2??) to power those speakers!!

Hmmmm..... maybe I'll hold off on my credit line payments and buy the hardware first... hehehe


And then there's the dent on the passenger side when I turned a corner too quick in an undercover parking lot at Burnaby's Crystal Mall and got scraped by a pedestrian handrail. That was Oct.31, 2006.
Finally took it to Continental AutoBody @ Bridgeport/Simpson, Richmond to get it fixed on July 21, 2007. Not exactly painted the same color. Well, it was $800. Took it back and there was some improvement. Oh well, it's good enough I suppose. You can only see it when it's totally bright outside.


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