Sunday, September 25, 2005

2005 Alberta Trip [3/4]

Sept 25, 2005 Sunday 08:30AM ==> decided to go to the 10:30AM Mass rather than be late for the 08:15 Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral.

I had to call up the parish office becuz I couldn't find it the night before. Parked the car at the back of the Cathedral and went to downtown for some early morning pix. It was good to practice whatever little photo-taking abilities I might have. The camera that I had was a Konica KD-500Z and it was more or less a point-and-shoot camera. Nothing fancy; couldn't take some good night time shots becuz I would've needed an extra flash or something. There were so many views that I would've loved to take had not my batteries run out. Does previewing/deleting and on/off the camera really take up that much battery?? That camera wasn't mine but I know that when I do get my own, I am not going to buy one that requires original manufacturer supplies! I hate that sort of thing; what kind of business concept is that?? Future Shop, Battery Plus, Radio Shack, and the Source didn't carry that Konica Li-ion 3.7V battery that I need. Even London Drugs say they have to do a special order (it was a Sunday, mind you). Too bad I also didn't get to go to the natural parks and shoot some animals, that would've been nice. I mean, when do you get to spot beavers and moose in the Greater Vancouver area??

Sept 25, 2005 Sunday 16:40PM ==> turns out there was a London Drugs just one block from where I parked the car the previous night (ie: Mount Royal Village)! Urrgghh... choked me out!!

Headed down to Lethbridge. From MacLeod Trail & 34th in Calgary to Crowsnest in Lethbridge, the odometer read 208km. Driving at about 140km/h average instead of at the 110km limit, it took me nearly 1h45m. I decided to follow the sign that said "City Centre" before I go get a map and find out where my hotel is going to be. But I ended up spotting a Japanese restaurant and decided to check it out. It had a restaurant side and a lounge side. The restaurant also had a sushi bar and its waitresses wore some sort of kimono and slippers. I got a boat for about $21 plus tips. It was quite windy in Lethbridge but it was a lot warmer at this time than it was in Calgary. Headed back to the hotel and just watched tv.


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