Friday, October 15, 2004

A&B Sound will be bought out soon...

Bought an Alpine CDA9826 mp3 deck [sale for $240 incl. install], Clarion SRR1685 6½" speakers for the back [$123], and Clarion SRR1027 4" speakers for the front [$55]. The CDA9827 has blue buttons which I think looks more cool and techie whereas mine has green buttons. But mine was about a hundred bucks cheaper and it only offers 1 preout of 4v which is all I want. I won't go for a unit that offers, for example, 3 preouts of like 2.2 volts if I only plan on getting a single multi-channel amp. I rather get less preouts and focus on power and accuracy for that one amp. While I never looked extensively, Alpine was the only make that offered a single high-voltage preout. I can't believe installation for the front speakers is $49... so expensive... thought it was maybe $30 or so. It's actually $45 labor + $4 materials. I will try to install the rear ones myself. I am to get it installed tomorrow evening (Monday 6-9pm) at the A&B Sound on Barnet Hwy, Port Moody. Perhaps I should've simply bought the Kenwood speakers that are on sale for $50? I mean, I could probably get Alpine for $123. Hopefully my next car (could be as early as next year) uses 6½" too! :-P

But the truth still holds... You get what you pay for.


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