Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Just a quick note that somebody jumped off a newly constructed tower at the northwest corner of Hastings & Bute. This was about noon time today (Aug. 21, 2007, Tues) in downtown Vancouver and the weather was decent with some blue skies and clouds. The guy (presuming so) wore a baseball cap and he jumped off somewhere and landed on a glass/metal canopy of what I think is a residential tower.

The building looks pretty much complete on the outside but the interior should still have lots of work to do with regards to flooring, wiring and stuff. If the person jumped off from the top, that canopy must be pretty darn strong. The glass was kind of dented as was the canopy rack.

So the next question is... why did he do it?

It doesn't seem the media covered it at all. (not the mainstream, anyway)


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