Saturday, December 29, 2007

Alien vs. Predator

Watched AVP the Requiem (whatever that word means). I hardly remember anything from the first AVP....(have to write all the below again because apparently Blogger's automatic save doesn't mean a thing).
And then I remember they were fighting inside a pyramid (somebody told me that). Anyways, despite Predator's tendency to stab people and skin them, he does look pretty cool with his Jamaican hair braids (as long as he keeps that mask on!). He also has some awesome weapons - like his spear, his whip, the electronic control pad on his forearm, his frisbee (gotta have that!!), and...of course, that blue acid of his. The Alien, on the other hand, only seems to be able to crawl on walls and insert his little creature into people.
Now usually children and pregnant mothers are spared from the horrors of having that creature get inserted and then having it pop out again. In the second AVP, the audience is presented with enough scene to be able to visualize what happens to those people.
There was a shot near the end of the movie that really reminds me of Sigourney Weaver. Also, we can expect a third instalment of AVP judging from the last scene. And we should even expect to see Francoise Yip as well playing the role of a Japanese person with power.

Oh, and speaking of violence on innocents, on Jan.25, 2008, I would see the movie ad in the newspapers for "RAMBO" which came out that day. This is referring to the 4th instalment which I heard a few years back that they were going to do. 20 years after Rambo III, Sylvester Stallone just doesn't look the same. And neither were the visual effects, judging by the trailer. The ones in the 80's were more raw. I plan to watch the movie nonetheless while it's still out in the theatres but I think I will have to watch it as if I've never seen Rambo before.


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