Friday, November 30, 2007

KungFu Competition??

There'll be a Western Canada Regional Chinese Martial Arts Competition on Dec.01, 2007 Saturday at the Chinese Cultural Centre and the instructors (including Sifu) were encouraging people to join because it was "good experience". And I'm sure it is.
I asked what we (the beginners) would compete in and they said we could do the "Yan Qing Fist". And I'm thinking that I would not. Not only because I'm not feeling well these days and that I have stuff to do at church that day, but perhaps more importantly is that I'm not ready. I can do the whole form, but I can't do it well. I'm not sure how smooth or stiff I am. I'm still losing balance in many areas. At the competition, it would be on a mat and that could mean more difficulty with my foot stabilizing. I told a fellow student that I didn't pay $25 (the competition fee) to lose. I probably shouldn't have said that but what I meant was simply that I don't feel confident enough to go up there. This also doesn't mean that being confident enough to compete would mean having expectations to win. But I think I would not compete with a mindset about winning or losing. Rather, it would be that until me and my body have grasped the essence of the Yan Qing Fist and that I can express this to the judges, I would not go and simply just be taking up people's time. Imagine hopping about because I couldn't stand still! Or moving mechanically without proper expression. I'm clearly not ready!
Speaking of which, I should video record myself.


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