Saturday, October 27, 2007

40-ch. TV series of Bruce Lee

First off, here's the webpage I am talking about. It also links to the trailer on YouTube:

So.. as for comments.. where should I begin?? Well...
There have been so many rehashes of Bruce Lee stuff. Everybody's exploiting him somehow. Or should I say copy? Or perhaps it was just to celebrate? The term "exploit" can mean something bad. It'd be nice to think that people are doing this out of respect for the man and simply wanting to commemorate him somehow by making a film about him.
Should we, then, expect these films and the actors to be totally like Bruce Lee? I would say not. Donnie Yen and Jet Li, whether they intended to or not, did not resemble him in any way except that they were all male martial artists. Danny Chan Kwok-Kwun was no exception but his physical resemblance was quite remarkable. Good job, I'd say. Obviously not the same, but why get so picky? Markets for a particular entertainer exist because there are people who would be willing to see something they haven't seen before. As in all things, you have to do something different and stand out if you want your name to resound in the archives. Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Sammo Hung each have their own style and uniqueness. Nobody should be replacing them. If, after those actors have gone on, you want to borrow their label and try to be them, then you had better do a very good job such that people could still get what they got when they watched the originals. Good luck to that. I'd say you're better off to devote your energy into developing your own uniqueness. Why depend on others? This isn't the same as James Bond. He was fictional. As long as there are people who want to see what James Bond movies are known for, you could take a shot to see how well you portray the ideal James Bond. There is a more concrete and real emotional attachment for Bruce Lee. As for CGI makes, well... if (yes, if) both CGI and real actors cost the same, which option would you choose?
Rather than resamblance, of more concern to me was that the movie was in mandarin. In a Pierre Berton show interview, Bruce Lee declared (in a somewhat proud way, I'd say) that he only knows cantonese. That being said, the dialect of the movie in question was certainly not his everyday language whether he was in HK or the US. And why make it only available in China? And just in time for the Olympics too! Such good timing! What were Linda and Shannon thinking?? I never knew Bruce Lee and Beijing had so much in common or were so related that such a film could be produced with Beijing's support as it does. This tribute would be worse than the Jason Scott Lee one. The guy didn't score as high as Danny Chan in resemblance but somehow english dialogue was better than mandarin. This being said, what was the point of making another film about Bruce Lee's life again anyway? I will try not to cast judgement; you can do that yourself if you so choose. It may not be the purpose of the film but I'd like to know how deeply it reveals about Bruce Lee's explorations with martial arts in developing his theory and... ALSO... his character and how he lived his life outside the spotlight. The latter, I suppose, would be more sensitive and personal and I guess Linda can leave it to all of us to gossip about.


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