Saturday, February 16, 2008

2 very different movies

MOVIE #1: "Juno"
I don't know who the director is, what his goals of this movie were, and what his personal beliefs are regarding abortion, but if he was pro-life, I think he did a great job. While the main character in the story was given a choice to abort it, the audience was quickly made to stick with anything but abortion. Aside from the absence of any preaching (not even the oriental girl protesting outside the clinic), all the dirty language certainly disguised this movie quite well as a pro-life production.
Even when the husband of the prospective adopting mother decided to bail out of marriage altogether (and it wasn't because of adoption), the mother still stuck. And so did the biological mother of the baby. They went through all the way and nobody died. I mean, why throw away something that somebody else wants really bad and can be so productive with it?

One thing I didn't like about the movie though was the boyfriend of the mother. She says to him that she loves him cuz he has always be non-judgemental and always there for her. I don't understand how that could've been the case when he seemed so careless and carefree about his biological child. He was 50% responsible but I fail to see even that 50% in his actions or lack of.

Anyways, cheers to it for being pro-anything-but-abortion.

MOVIE #2: "Rambo"
The review on myTelus was 1.5 stars.... out of 5. I think that half-star was to give face to the same guy who was so well-known for Rocky. And knowing that the previous Rambo movie was made like 18 yrs ago, I kept thinking how good could this one be? And I was correct, so I wasn't disappointed. With appearances aside (Stallone only exposed his forearms), the movie was all gore. The weapons seemed to have been given a steroid boost or something. In the 80's, the guns only inserted bullet holes in people's bodies. This time, they actually ripped apart legs and blew off heads. I don't think I have much else to say.

Well maybe this: why did Stallone even bother doing this movie?


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