Friday, April 25, 2008

2 dreams

It seems that I haven't had any creative dreams in a while. So let me celebrate by describing the two that I had before I got up this morning. I will also try to explain how my mind ended up combining things together and resulted in having a dream.

This one is the longer of the two. I was in a car on a road beside the beach and it was supposed to be a beach in Burnaby. I probably got this because there will be a WCCCLC event coming up next weekend at Fraser Foreshore Park and it's right by the Fraser River. I was imagining there was this really nice beach that wasn't the kind of beach you would find in Hawaii or California - you would never find that in Vancouver. But it was nice because it was family-oriented and there were a number of cabin-like shelters along the beach. The shelters kind of looked like they were made of giant popsicle sticks. Anyways, I was in the car with a few other people from the WCCCLC community and we were heading to a pro-life seminar that a number of youth organized. Of all people, my Dad was participating in the seminar as well!! There were elementary school age children to give speeches and my Dad also volunteered to give a speech. His topic was focused on the life of the unborn. He even got tensed up because I came late. This combination of my Dad talking about the unborn probably came about because of my Dad reciting the Prayer for Life at church on Sundays. Why the school and the children? I don't know.
Anyway I came late partly because of my ride by the beach but I was also late because I had issues with changing my clothes in that building where the seminar was to take place. It was kind of like an old motel and it was only like two floors high with white interiors and narrow halls. I was trying to change my clothes in privacy but there were people everywhere. Somehow I ended up changing my pants somewhere that I thought was safe enough for the time being but then some kids including girls saw me pull down my pants and my butt was showing or something. I think this image just came about because when I change at the SYL school, I get concerned that people may open the door to come in right at the moment when I pull down my pants.

This one didn't last very long cuz I woke up very soon after. Basically I dreamt that Ayron Howey was doing one of the combos that we at SYL have to do in Level 2: front toe slap, slap hands together above head, crouch down to slap floor with both hands, lunge forward and do an outside crescent kick, spin arms and go into the S-curve (that's what I call it) move (supposedly it's like running along a wall). Ayron was wearing a black t-shirt and a black what-looks-like an army cap and was doing the combo really quickly. I didn't even watch him do the whole thing and I was already starting to do it being amazed at how fast he was doing it. It didn't have the characteristic flow and smoothness of wushu but each move was clear and fast.
Interestingly, Ayron would actually be showing up about 31 hours later for the Saturday class. I haven't seen him for a while.

Ayron is more of a fighter than a demonstrator in contemporary wushu. Actually it was Logan Demmings (a wushu white boy, not being racist by the way) who was in my Level 2 class and I was watching him do the combo, but because I've never seen Ayron do wushu forms, my mind probably replaced Logan with him to do the combo.

But I woke up before I could get to the S-curve thing.


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