Thursday, April 10, 2008

blind eye

No more working at C21.

In fact, from the very beginning (January 2007) until today, somewhere in the back of my head was the thought that my annual salary was quite high for what I was doing. Or rather, I was doing surprisingly little for the salary that I got. I said it. My parents said it. Even though a few weeks ago my co-worker SY asked me to update the Procedure Manual, that thought at the back lingered. He said it was "very good". I even mentioned it to my parents a couple days ago. I explained that I felt somebody may be hired in the near future because I felt a change was coming in regards to human resources. There were a couple of times when I felt like saying (or asking) something about that but I ended up not doing it. Maybe Sheldon meant that the stuff I wrote in the Manual were so clear and helpful that training the new person would be a lot easier. I came across a number of other signs as well. I heard DW mention to SY about "the other person" and I felt something was up. I can pick up that vibration that I was very much in their minds. And all those talks they had in DW's office with the door closed, I'm sure some of it had to do with me. Yesterday, I was chatting with SY and I brought up the idea that maybe we could all get together for a game of golf this summer and he said maybe. Again, there was something about the air surrounding his head when he said that. And I felt like there was something coming from me that I could've said but I couldn't think of what. I think my parents suspected something all along. My Dad warned me from the beginning about this position paying so well that much may be expected of me.

But I had, since the beginning, turned a blind eye on my suspicions. What I should've done was to start looking for work when SY asked me to update the procedural manual. But I was too caught up on other things.

So anyway, I got the notice at about 3pm today.

But then on the other hand it doesn't make sense. Back in March 2007 (my third month), I was told to speed things up. So alright, that happened and I got through my probation periods without any word. And then later, in November (or was it actually December??) possibly due to the pre-Christmas hectic, things were getting kind of screwy again in regards to getting things done on time. So again I was told to catch up on speed. Alright, fair enough. But that was it - no word about there being anything else required in the job position that I did not do. Nothing about them hiring me in the hopes that I can more higher level stuff and help SY and AL out in their work. I even got a raise in January and a remark from CS saying "happy first anniversary"! Now, 16 months later after they hired me (they did, after all, interviewed me and decided to hire me), they said I wasn't fit for the job? Hmmmm.......... makes me wonder if this was their actual reason for not wanting me. Was it simply because I fell asleep and don't look sharp? You gotta be kidding me.

Yet still on the other hand, the Controller left. SY has assumed some of her duties, so if AL does the stuff that SY no longer does, than somebody else has to do AL's stuff. And honestly, I may have a serious struggle trying to do so. In fact, serious enough that I may eventually quit. Because honestly, I'm not ready for it yet. And the industry isn't where I want to develop my experience in anyway. The volume for the first quarter of the year was comparably low to any of the other quarters of the previous year. And maybe there's a shift in focus for Charlwood Pacific with more attention to Uniglobe? Or just downsizing the accounting department by one? I don't know. And besides, the code on my ROE that states the reason for issuing the ROE is "K - other" (as opposed to "M - dismissed") so hopefully that works in my favor. So maybe overall management's been about as fair to me as could be.


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