Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I should probably have posted this in my psychology blog but.

Today I started with another company, "Colliers International" in the Province Building in downtown. On the lunchroom bulletin board was posted the following table:

Baby Boomers
Generation X'ers
Generation Y
ValuesLoyalty, dedication, sacrifice, honor, compliance, hard-workingPersonal growth, youthfulness, equality, ambition, collaborationIndependence, pragmatism, results-driven, flexibility and adaptiveConfident, optimistic, civic minded, innovative, diversity focused, techno-savvy
ExpectationsStability, support from the organization during change intiativesAmbition and hard work will be rewarded, opportunities to climb the corporate ladderContinuous learning environment, challenging work, work-life balanceContinuous change, rapid career growth, personalized experiences
BehaviorsRespectful to authority, loyal to the organization, linear work styleChallenge authority, loyal to the team, team workUnimpressed by authority, loyal to the manager, focus on resultsRespect given for competency not title, loyal to peers, focus on change using technology
GoalTo build a legacyTo put their stamp on thingsTo maintain independence in all areas of their livesTo find work and create a life that has meaning

So basically I had it wrong. I always thought a generation was about 20 to 25 years ago. This was because I heard that in elementary school but now I think what they meant were generations between parents and children, not the other type of generation. I knew boomers were born after the war but I thought they extended to 1969. And then X'ers would be from 1970 to 1989. I used to think 1977 was a pretty special year since high school would begin in 1990 and then life after undergrad would begin in 2000. And that I wasn't that late in the Generation X range (meaning there were others younger than me who are still considered Generation X, and that made me feel not as old). But nope! I was actually near the end and that my future wife (assuming I get one) will probably be a Generation Y.

As I look back and try to note similarities and differences between X and Y, it was difficult not to think of technology. If you spent your elementary school years in the 80's, having a computer was almost a luxury. And you don't even know about cellphones and CD's until you got to high school. And of course the computer graphics were just not the same. But if you spent your elementary school years in the 90's (especially the second half), laser discs were like what vinyl discs were to me, mp3's were a given, as was internet, and you probably don't know much if anything at all about pentiums.

Being that I was born quite close to the end of the X'ers range, and that I am somewhat tech-savvy, I don't feel much gap when it comes to technology. For one thing anyway was that I never played much video games to begin with especially portable ones. In other words I may not have gotten a PSP if I was a kid in the 90's because I never got a Gameboy in the 80's. But I may have gotten mp3 players. And maybe even the iPod!!

As for clothing, it's hard to say. I've always dressed really dull. It isn't as if I particularly prefer the more plainer style of the 90's but for some reason I just don't end up getting the more colorful or decorative punk-inspired clothes that has been in style for the past 7 or 8 years. Even my glasses are dull despite getting new ones (or supposedly getting new ones) every few years. Actually in 2006 I had a relatively in-style pair but they got smashed and I never got another pair. Yet.

And finally, the values. Not sure how to say it. I've always had my own ideas which I formulate or change as I see fit so you can't really classify them in any one category according to generation. Being raised by strict parents who came from a different culture and time, I had my thoughts about things that seem quite similar to recent ones. But there are differences. For one thing, recent years stress "openness" to other ways of life, ideas, etc. Ideas that suck no matter what age they are introduced in are ideas that truly suck. I pity those kids who grow up being pulled on all sides about those sort of issues which all so often touch on morality. I feel sorry for the souls who inflict that damage as well as the souls who are on the receiving end of the damage inflicted.

In the recent decade or so, business owners take advantage of society's growing appetite for style that shows the girl's fit body. And the wave would just get bigger. As was the chance to sin. Several years ago, I couldn't believe there are less-than-decent styles for ten-year old girls! It was disgusting! And I really don't think any of this has anything to do with what generation I am in! Not right is still not right.

So now that I know what the generation classifications are and where I stand amongst it all, I wonder what happens to those later Generation Y'ers. And beyond. What will the world be like for them as they grow up?


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