Tuesday, July 29, 2008

was not meant to be

I'm talking about my blue 2000 Civic Si-G that I bought almost two years ago on August 21, 2006. Coming back from my World Youth Day trip in Sydney with a cough, I went to see Dr. Lai Do Fahn @ Crystal Mall. After work I had also eaten a sandwich and drank water after. Also went to BCIT to pick up my transcripts before going to Crystal Mall. Now heading home and going down Willingdon, things were fine. I guess I started feeling the sleepiness as I approached Moscrop and it came really fast. So fast that I was already considering to turn into the parking lot to sleep. But then I thought I might get ticketed. The traffic was moving very slowly and my eyes closed a couple of times while I hesitated. Opened my eyes and saw that Rav4 had already moved forward. Thought some more and my eyes ended up closing. They opened only after I heard a bam sound. I was wondering why the car in front of me seemed unusually close. And then I realized that I had rear-ended somebody (the Rav4 owned by a 26 yr-old Taiwanese guy). And that it also made a dent in the Sonata (the girl's bf's dad leased it) in front of him.

Called ICBC, took pictures:
exchanged info:
firetruck and the guy's brother came:
Rav4 and witness leaves:
cop comes, and then Mundies:
Car goes. Mom and Dad comes to pick me up.

I guess the car really cannot accompany me through the next few important stages in my life as I had hoped it would.

It all ended with that smack. Let my life not end like that as well.