Saturday, April 07, 2007

a year already

Okay, so it's been a year since I wrote anything on this blog. Anything interesting in the past 12 months? Yes!!

Actually the new posts will include stuff that happened past September 2005 (ie: my Alberta trip).

One thing that sucks though, is that this Blogger doesn't allow me to set whatever dates I want. It just automatically shows the actual date that I wrote the blog on. And that sucks because then the events are not accurate when you read them like a timeline's good though is that I'm still able to change the date and time to whatever I like instead of being stuck with the actual date/time that I write the blog on. I think MSN does that, and that sucks!

So there's a bunch of stuff that I actually wrote on April 07th that are about events that didn't actually happen on April 07th.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Northern Leg King...

... is back in action! He has decided to return to SYL Wushu Institute after 6 years of soul-searching in martial arts.

So did I do anything else during this time?
Well.... 3 weeks of shotokan karate (it was a free trial version offered at Fitness World. Actually, it wasn't totally free because the sensei required us to get a uniform. So it was like $30 or something.

A buddy of mine taught me some basic katana.

And since I was 12, my parents have been doing Yang-style taichi (85-form) and I used to be able to do the whole thing. It was taught unprofessionally and was more like a social club for upper-age people.

My dad's friend taught me some wingchun. Wingchun has 3 forms (not including weapons & the sparring stand) and I'm only about 1/3 into the 3rd form. Definitely wingchun is a unique martial art. Very interesting.
The man who taught me was one of the earlier students of Yip Man when members of the "Restaurant Workers Association" started learning.

And finally 3 months of Capoeira offered at BCIT. It was fun. But not enough acrobatics as I had hoped. I'm still not able to do backflips.
However, I am hoping that my teacher's brother will start a Capoeira acrobatics class in June or July as he had stated.

Maybe that will keep my agility up and give a good grounding for future advanced wushu moves and forms at at SYL.