Sunday, April 17, 2005

SunRun #03

44min/49sec was my official time at the 21st SunRun. My bib number was 2588 and I came in 1434th place. It was better than I expected before doing the race considering that I spent less time training than last year. But then again, I focused more on improving my breathing ability by running uphill more so doing those small and much flatter uphills of the race route were a breeze compared to how I felt last year. Plus I actually did the treadmills on Wednesday and Friday when I decided not to do it outside! (before, I didn't like doing the treadmill becuz I felt so bored after 20 minutes. But then in 2003 when I first started training, I didn't do any long running sessions so 20 minutes on the treadmill seemed too long)

Last year, I only ran one more time (10km, from my house to Brentwood Mal) after the SunRun and that was a week later. After that, the next time I ran more than 2.5km was ten months later in February when I jogged 8km with a friend who was practicing for the SunRun. Like previously before practicing for the SunRun last year, my knees started to hurt after 4km. Only this time I actually continued running and made 8km!

Now we shall see if I will be able to run once a week at least on a treadmill with once a month being a full 10km run either doing my normal route (ie: up Burnaby Mtn, then 18laps around the track) or..... how about trying a 50minute uphill jog in North Van? I mean, the jog up Burnaby Mountain from bottom to top is only 25 mins.

Or I guess instead of just running, I could also do leg exercises at the gym as well as do some swimming during the summer. Cuz eventually I would like to do a marathon. And I also want to do 10km-events in other places in the world. That'll be awesome!

Friday, April 15, 2005

First Time (officially)

Judy's leaving for another branch (we will miss her) so we all went to RiverRock Casino for a buffet dinner before trying our luck at the slots or tables. We each only had to pay $16 total instead of I believe it was $25 for Friday nights. The food wasn't bad for $25 especially the dessert so $16 was quite an awesome deal. Plus I got myself a shot of Jack Daniel with coke to down the meat with.

Being that I've never actually played in casinos (I've only been to those places twice), my $22 in net winnings this evening perpetuates the "beginner's luck" myth. I only played the slots. I had a $5 coupon (buy $10 for $5). Lost that plus $10 quickly on the multiple-line slot and then won it all back on the single-line.

Eventually I'd like to play at the tables. Not to gamble but to experience. But for now, I will have to figure out how to improve my memory of game rules and how to spin those wheels up there faster.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Free news galore!!

What's going on these days??... First there was "Metro"... and then "24 hrs" and quickly to follow was "Dose". A few days after Metro people started handing out the 15-or-so page newspaper at major skytrain stations, Pacific Newsgroup people started handing out Vancouver Sun and the Province. This went on for about two weeks... which was great because I had a pretty good daily dose of news without paying a cent :-P

And then the corresponding free newspaper vending boxes started appearing in the populated areas and street corners as well. Right next to the pay newspaper vending boxes. I would be naive/stupid if I thought this was a trend or something. Anyway, I started refusing the Metro because it seems they are quite biased in certain areas of coverage.


Almost three years later...

The March 11, 2008 Vol.3 No.234, on page 4, we see what was evidence of either editing carelessness or evolvement in literary standards. That page featured a picture of a guy facing a urinal and the article was talking about sanitation in the toilet. Which reminds me, the front cover of the newspaper that day says "Holy Crap" in big bold letters. Anyway, the mishap (whether accidental or intentional) was the word "shitty" which I looked at dismay.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Good Bye. See you again.

My condolence post is #407 at,... [link]

Good bye, my friend.

I once had a dream of you. We met in seminary and we were very good friends. In the dream,
we hung out and we watched others play basketball in the gym while we sat in the benchers on the side. But seriously, I learned so much from you. All that you taught about the dignity of the human being will always be a principle guide as I continue my own journey as a Christian. Please pray for me until the day we meet again.

And here on the website of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

For the record, here are the condolence messages from Billy Graham and the Dalai Lama.