Sunday, February 24, 2008


I decided I should just make a log of all the cars that I used for Facebook's PetrolHead application. I believe I first got it last month (Jan.16?) when I saw it on Derek Chu (met him on the SilverStar trip)'s Facebook. Less than 30 people from my list (out of 407) had PetrolHead and less than 20 of those had a car to race with. I can only have 20 races every 12 hours so I guess I could've gotten points more quickly if I actually stuck to the 12 hours more closely. But work was quite busy... Plus I have my other things to do where I cannot access the net. Anyway, there will probably not be anything after I reach the top, kekeke :-P

CAR #1:
- Quad Bike ATV
- Devon McKenzie raced me before and I didn't even know
- second race is Feb.19
- Michelle Tong also had this vehicle

CAR #2:
- Rally Talbot Sunbeam
- Feb.21
- nobody else on my list has this car
- don't know anything about it
- I think I prefer going with a car that isn't so common but still decent to me. I'm not usually into rally cars, by the way. Which reminds me, last night I went to my buddy's house and he has Sega Rally and Forza 2 (did I get the name right?). The latter listed so many models that it would take quite a while to go through all those different classes the cars were listed under.
When I look at the car, it should give me the feeling that not too many people know about it and yet it is not a wimpy or geeky car. It should be a low-profile looking, silent but powerful car with its own personality, not shiny & sparkly to tell everyone to follow it, but still able to turn heads due to its ability to make people spend more time trying to process it in their heads. It should generate interest and questions in the minds of certain people, people who will not immediately dismiss it if they don't know what to make of it.

CAR #3:
- Rally Lancia 037
- Feb.24
- dunno anything about it
- I didn't realize this earlier, but I was racing people with crappier cars than me (cuz the other people above me have much better cars) and I found myself gaining more points very slowly (200 pts each time). And I'm only allowed to have 10 races every 12 hours. Plus I'm only allowed to send a max of 20 invites each day. I realized that at this rate it would take me a very long time to upgrade. So I decided that I should race the people above me. Beating some of them meant 2000 points at once and that would've been the same as winning 10 races if I raced the others below me (assuming I win all 10 at a time!). So I did that and beat Walter's Aston Martin V8 Vantage for 2000 pts and Dominic's BMW M3 E92 for 2000. I also got 6000 points beating Derek's Koenigsegg. I mean, I get 10 chances each time. So I figured I may be able to hit the jackpot at least once. The same probability exists when I race others below me; that is, I may only win 9 out of 10 times. That means 1800 pts. I, of course, rather take the same odds and get 2000 pts rather than 1800!

CAR #4:
- Ariel Atom
- Feb.28
- I really don't know much about cars because I don't see how some of the cars offered at each level can be equated in performance (assuming that's what gets you through a race). For example, a Golf R32 and a Lotus Elise??! 1937 MG TA vs. a new Corvette?! What, does rarity supposed to factor in too? Haha....

CAR #5:
- Jaguar XJ220
- Mar.03
- Not much other choice I would be interested in. There was the Caterham R300 Superlight that looked interesting but appeared to be orange, so that was kind of a turn-off for me. And besides, the XJ220 was an awesome car that I had interest in 15 years ago or whenever it was when it came out. That being said, why would anybody put the XJ220 in the same race class as the Viper or the Cayenne? And then they placed the Mercedes C350, BMW 650i and the Audi S8 together which didn't make sense,... and then put those up for racing with my XJ220?! Weird....

CAR #6:
- International CXT
- Mar.05
- Gambled a bit to get there that fast. People were gaining quite a bit of 2000 and 6000 points so I could get mine :-P
- At this point, there were quite a number of cars to choose from and it was difficult settling with one. So I finally just said, "Screw it!" and chose something rather different to race my competitors with (the International CXT seems to be a dump truck or something). The other cars that I considered were: Masserati Quattroporte, Audi R8 and the Mercedes C63 AMG. Now there are some fine cars!

CAR #7:
- ??
- Mar.11
- Should I take the Lamborghini Gallardo or Aston Martin V12 Vanguish? How about the Rolls Royce Phantom or Maybach 57?? Or Ferrari F430 vs. Alpha Romeo 8C Competizione? Or I could just go for that General Lee. Despite its orange color and 70's muscle car look, the name is cute. Makes the other cars look bad if it wins :-P

CAR #8:
- Mar.20
- so it was the General Lee that I settled with. Now I have to choose from an even awesomer list. So after removing Derek's Koenigsegg (which I may have otherwise included), Robert's Porsche Carrera GT (which I won't have considered anyway), Ferrari 599, and Ascari KZ1, I still have the following options: Pagani Zonda C12, the Batmobile (it says "Burton" in brackets and I don't know what that means but it looks like the 1989 one), Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead coupe, Saleen S7, SLR McLaren, and the Gumpert Apollo. Which one should I choose?? The Batmobile definitely stands out, but then the other ones are also nice. On the other hand, losing races with the Batmobile somehow doesn't seem right. Hmmm.................

CAR #9:
- Apr.01
- Wow, it's getting tougher and longer to be able to trade up for a new car. Well, it turned out that my Apollo wasn't a bad choice at all. I looked it up and downloaded some pix as well. Better than the other ones listed above... including, arguably, the Derek's Koenigsegg because it was an older model. Haha. Anyways, I think I shall select the McLaren F1 for my "Millionaires Club" car. The choices were few in this section, the others being Lamborghini Reventon, Caparo T1, and CLK GTR. I liked the style of the CLK more, but.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

2 very different movies

MOVIE #1: "Juno"
I don't know who the director is, what his goals of this movie were, and what his personal beliefs are regarding abortion, but if he was pro-life, I think he did a great job. While the main character in the story was given a choice to abort it, the audience was quickly made to stick with anything but abortion. Aside from the absence of any preaching (not even the oriental girl protesting outside the clinic), all the dirty language certainly disguised this movie quite well as a pro-life production.
Even when the husband of the prospective adopting mother decided to bail out of marriage altogether (and it wasn't because of adoption), the mother still stuck. And so did the biological mother of the baby. They went through all the way and nobody died. I mean, why throw away something that somebody else wants really bad and can be so productive with it?

One thing I didn't like about the movie though was the boyfriend of the mother. She says to him that she loves him cuz he has always be non-judgemental and always there for her. I don't understand how that could've been the case when he seemed so careless and carefree about his biological child. He was 50% responsible but I fail to see even that 50% in his actions or lack of.

Anyways, cheers to it for being pro-anything-but-abortion.

MOVIE #2: "Rambo"
The review on myTelus was 1.5 stars.... out of 5. I think that half-star was to give face to the same guy who was so well-known for Rocky. And knowing that the previous Rambo movie was made like 18 yrs ago, I kept thinking how good could this one be? And I was correct, so I wasn't disappointed. With appearances aside (Stallone only exposed his forearms), the movie was all gore. The weapons seemed to have been given a steroid boost or something. In the 80's, the guns only inserted bullet holes in people's bodies. This time, they actually ripped apart legs and blew off heads. I don't think I have much else to say.

Well maybe this: why did Stallone even bother doing this movie?